The Story of Louboutin and Red Shoes

Christian Louboutin is an outspoken shoe designer who talks that he hates comfort. He does not like to create ergonomic shoes that make the user feel at home wearing shoes for hours without complaint. His shoes can indeed make feet blister and sore, especially when first used. The base of the shoe is not soft, the edges feel stiff and hard, and the shoes seem to be created for those with slender soles. Wearing his sneakers is like wearing a slimming corset.

The goal of making shoes is also similar to the reason for the creation of a corset: to make posture look better. He has his own perception of shoes. Louboutin thinks: when choosing shoes, women don’t focus on shape, but instead focus on how posture or overall appearance looks when wearing shoes. In her mind, a woman’s posture will look better when wearing heels. So she’s getting more and more convinced to be a shoe designer.

The Paris-born egyptian-born man is obsessed with drawing stiletto-type women’s shoes or platforms with 10-15 centimeter heels. She told W magazine that her penchant for drawing heels came when she was 12 years old. At that time Louboutin was stunned to see a symbol of the prohibition on the use of heels inside the museum because it risked damaging the floor of the room. From there he began his drawing routine. One of the original images was of shoes with two heels.

The eccentric impression carried over until he was an adult. When already a designer, the impression is one of them is visible on the red soles of shoes. In a lengthy article, The New Yorker recounted that in 1993, Louboutin created a shoe design inspired by Andy Warhol’s paintings.

After the prototype of the finished shoe, he felt the shoe had not quite stood out. He thinks about the part to be corrected while looking around his workspace. In the room he saw a woman painting nails in red. The man who had been dismissed three times from the school then had the idea to paint the bottom of the shoe with the text. He was satisfied with the result. Since then Louboutin has produced all shoes with red soles, something that would later become a hallmark of his work

Shoes with red soles look different and are becoming a trend among women. Red, for Louboutin is a seductive color. The product was once an icon in the popular film Sex and The City. Louboutin is also one of the best-selling shoe lines among celebrities.

Victoria Beckham loves the shoes and even wears them while pregnant. First when she visited Disneyland and while attending Kate Middleton’s wedding. For Victoria, what matters is that she keeps looking stunning in front of the paparazzi and she hangs that elegant casual look on Louboutin shoes. Jennifer Lopez chose Louboutin to specially design shoes for her solo concert. What is created is that ankle boots are entitled with lace detailing, leopard print, and metal or stud beads. Kate Moss in her tomboyish style stepped out in pointed heels.

Domestically, celebrities such as Syahrini and Krisdayanti were widely reported when performing in Louboutin shoes priced above $5000. That is not indeed a surprise. Louboutin shoes do range from $900 to more than $5000. The price may be higher if the shoes are made through a special ordering method.

Louboutin started opening a special booking service about 12 years ago. At W, he said he wasn’t sure he could get a client. In fact: film directors, singers, as well as famous actresses came to her to design shoes that were not sold on the market. He was relieved. Not only because of the order, but also can make a variety of shoe designs with various new references or ideas coming from the clients.

Being free to design is a moment he enjoys, it’s a moment when he feels like he has a new challenge in his work. Like when he makes some shoes for exhibition needs, for example. In 2012, Donna Loveday, curator of Design Museum London, invited Louboutin to stage an exhibition at the museum.

“We want people to know what inspired Christian to work,” he told The Guardian .

In the exhibition, Christian requested that the showroom be made like a cabaret performance layout. Complete with miniature merry-go-round. “I believe all women want to be performers in cabaret,” Louboutin said. The exhibition features about 200 shoes with feather details, studs, spikes and shiny beads.

The decorations are almost always featured in each louboutin work. Especially when he gets special orders like when asked to collaborate with Star Wars. Christian was asked to design four shoes that reflected the female characters in Star Wars. The shoes will later be auctioned off.

Now as his name continues to soar with numerous collaboration offers and special requests, Louboutin still has one. His efforts to patent his trademark red shoe sole design have not been successful. People out there are still free to design and produce shoes of a similar color to Louboutin. It makes him murmur and feel competitive. But what to say, the judge’s decision has already said so.